What I’ve Been Listening To: Jon Foreman, Jose Gonzalez and Juno Soundtrack

Just thought I’d share some of the music I’ve been listening to.

First up is Jon Forman’s EP “Fall”. Jon is the frontman for Switchfoot so his voice will be recognized by most. But the EP is more acoustic and much more laid back than Switchfoot. I think Jon’s vocals really shine on this EP and his lyrical writing skills shine as well. I’m really liking this EP and just noticed that he’s already released another EP aptly named “Winter”.

His pace of releasing EPs reminded me of a blog post from Mark Cuban. He was saying that the album is dead since most people buy singles. He proposed the idea of artists releasing songs over a period of time. 1 song a week/month instead of dropping an album every few years. Interesting idea but doesn’t take into account touring schedule.

Another album I picked up with Christmas iTunes cards was Jose Gonzalez album “In Our Nature”. I don’t know why but this album has just gotten stuck in my head. I can’t say anything that really stands out about it but I’ve found it to be good creative working music for me. I do find myself humming it’s melodies when I turn the music off.

The last album I picked up with my gift cards was the sound track from the movie Juno. I took my wife to see this movie on a date a few weeks ago and we both thought it was great. It is not the most moral movie (It’s about a teenage girl who gets pregnant after all). Crude at times but the characters seemed very real. The writing and acting was great. The soundtrack is a quirky and great as the movie. I have the song “All I Want As You” set as my ring tone for when my wife calls.


January 22, 2008. Uncategorized.

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  1. Jeanna replied:

    Jon’s EPs are amazing. If you haven’t bought Winter yet, I encourage you to do so! It’s such a beautiful album

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