MacWorld 2008: The Results

Steve Jobs made his keynote address at MacWorld. While it was impossible to follow up the excitement last years made, they announced the iPhone then, it’s always an exciting time.

I found this year’s to be the most leaked. I don’t know if Apple projects are involving more people and increases leaks, if their employees like leaking the info out or what. But you could find everything except the Time Capsule (airport base station with an internal hard drive) on rumor sites.

I’ve downloaded the iPhone update and everything went fine with my phone. It was never jail-breaked.

I think the “find me” feature on the maps is very cool. It seems to work better when I’m connected via wifi than over edge. I think I read something where they databased as many hotspots and possibly IP addresses to use for this. When on the edge is uses cell phone triangulation. It seemed to find me within a block or so. The other map features (hybrid maps, cleaner interface and drop pins) are nice.

Multiple SMS recipients is very nice as well. I like being able to send webclips (web bookmarks) to the home screen. I added vitalist (my task management tool), sports tap, CBS News, and google. All those sites are optimized for the iPhone. And then being able to reorganize the icons and have second home page.

Anyway I’m excited about the iPhone upgrade. It’s the first upgrade to include new features. It wouldn’t surprise me if they eventually charge for updates. Now to see what happens this year with the developer’s kit out what apps will be made for the iPhone. I’d like to see iChat on the iPhone, a basic word editor, ability to save downloaded content from the web and a search feature.

Movie rentals was expected. I love the idea of Fox Studios including a digital copy of the DVD. You insert the DVD and I guess it takes you to iTunes. You type in a code found in the case. And you can copy and play that movie on your computer, iPod/iPhone or Apple TV. Apple TV got an update as well. I hope more studios begin to follow suit. And by using the authorization you can’t just rip content from movies your rent or a friend buys. If more studios get on board with this then I might look into getting an Apple TV. Then my kids can’t destroy another DVD.

The big announcement was the MacBookAir. It’s a ultra portable laptop. It’s crazy thin but lacks an optical drive. You can share an optical drive from another mac or get an optional drive. It looks like a niche product but I’m sure they’ll sell a ton to those who travel or just want the super sexy thin mac.


January 15, 2008. Tech Stuff.

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