Sermon Graphics: Back To The Future

To kick off the New Year my Sr. Pastor is teaching a series called “Back to the Future”. The idea behind it is often times we have things in our past or worries about our future that prevent us from living in the present. It was originally going to be called “Getting Your Life Off Pause” which I really liked. But he decided to use clips from Back To The Future as openers.

So the challenge is when we take the name from a well known movie how do you create something unique yet not rip the movie 100%. Get too far off and people wonder why you didn’t use the movie gfx. Anyway here’s what I came up with. I realized I only have a certain amount of space on WordPress so I’m going to link to gfx in my flickr account.

Sermon Title
I found a picture on iStockPhoto of a clock with fire in it. Grabbed the logo from here. This graphic was used on our bulletins and a blurred and ghosted background was used on the CD labels.

Sermon Slide
The title slide was too busy for a sermon slide. Even with the background blurred and ghosted. So I went with the fire tracks from the movie. The fire was another picture on iStockPhoto I cropped and skewed for perspective. I liked this idea from the get go but felt there was too much black for the bulletin and CD labels.


January 7, 2008. Tags: , . Graphic Design.

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