MacWorld 2008

I’ll admit it I’m an Apple fan-boy. Since I was introduced to a G4 dual 500 Mhz PowerMac running Final Cut Pro 2.0 I knew this was something powerful.

Since then I’ve personally bought a G3 600 Mhz iBook that my wife uses still and a G4 667 Mhz powerbook that I gave to my parents and brother. The church upgraded the G4 to a G5 Dual 2.0 Ghz Powermac and then to a 2.66 Ghz Quad Mac Pro. The church also bought a 1.67 G4 PoweBook and now I’m using a 2.4 Core Duo MacBook Pro. I have had a 1 Gen 5GB iPod, a 20GB iPod video, my wife had a pink iPod Mini until an ice tea mishap. I now have a 60GB iPod video and a iPhone.

It’s this time of year before MacWorld that rummors begin to fly around what Apple is going to do. One rumor is that the iPhone is getting a software update. This update is rumored to include a quasi GPS feature, drop and drag pins on the Maps app, movable icons, multiple sms recipients and web pages as homepage icons. This looks very cool. If I can get a copy and paste feature this would be a great software update.

There are also rumors of move movie studios coming to iTunes and a movie rental feature. I think movies in iTunes is very frustrating. I would love to by a DVD and legally and easily be able to copy an iTunes version onto my computer. Apply the same DRM you have to iTunes purchases so it’s locked to a handful of computers. This is great for kid movies that get destroyed. I don’t want to buy a movie twice to have it in two different formats. I haven’t bought a movie through iTunes through I have ripped some from DVDs I have. I would like to see NBC back in iTunes so I can get this season’s Office.

I would also think that they are going to do something with the Apple TV as it’s had a less than stelar reception. I think it lacks 2 features from being awesome: Store and play DVDs I own and act as a DVR.

There are rumors of new hardware or updates to current lines. I’m not really interested in that as I have a new desktop and work and a new laptop.

The more I think about it I would really like to see a mac/ iPod compatible music subscription service. I listen to a lot of music and I go the CDs I will listen to several times a day for weeks or months and then not listen to for awhile. I would love to see a subscription service to iTunes for $10-$15/ month for all you can fit on your computer/ iPod. That would be AWESOME!!! I think…


January 7, 2008. Uncategorized.

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  1. Brent replied:

    I switched to apple 2 years ago and it has been the best. Even my work has improved greatly. When people say here are 30 pics I need a video and it’s the day before church, they go in Iphoto and out to propresenter in 15min 🙂

    Our churches primary reason to only be 1/2 Apple over the last year has been expense, but I just found out you can lease apple computers, so I will be looking into it. I would love computers to just be a line item…every 2 years you upgrade..and apple makes upgrading really really easy with it’s migration tools.

    I really want to find an all os X church and see how they work. I am curious about using server…

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