Where The Magic Happens

Magic Place 

Here’s where the magic happens. It’s our storage room that’s been converted to the media room. Starting from the left and going right here’s what we have in no particular order: 
-Bookshelves with dv tapes and resources
-Mood lighting from Ikea
-Drawings from my 2 year old daughter-Scanner and printer on side cart
-Tape player and DAT for old audio archives
-MacBookPro. Mainly run email, web browser, iChat and iTunes when the magic is happening.
-Dual Viewsonic monitors that I hope to replace soon with 1 large screen
-JVC  SD video monitor 
-M-Audio BX5a monitors with BX10s sub under the desk
-Rolls minimixer
-Sony DSR-11
-Cheap VCR incase I have to record a VHS tape
-Cheap VCR/DVD combo for playback/ testing
-MacPro-mini G
-drive as my portable drive of active media
-OWC Raid that you can’t see
-UPS power back up because someone trips the power a few times a year. 

Well this is where I’ve been holed up in the last few weeks. I hope to post some examples and thoughts from the projects I’ve been working on. 


November 30, 2007. Random.

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