The Office Is Closed

It’s Thursday. Tonight is my favorite TV night of the week. But The Office is Closed. I don’t understand all the details of the labor dispute but I miss The Office. I do understand it’s about lots and lots of money. And I miss the fact that Season 4 of the office is not available on iTunes. 

At least we have the Packers and Cowboys tonight. Go Cowboys!!! You know the NFL Network is loving who this game is being built up. I don’t like the fact that it’s being carried on a cable network. I get the NFL network so I’m not left out but not every cable/sat package has the NFL Network. Seems kind of goofy to have one of the biggest games of the year being shown on a network that has the smallest market share (vs. ESPN/ FOX/ CBS). I know the NFL makes the lions share of it’s profits from TV revenue. I wonder if they are making more money by putting games on their own network (they get the revenue from advertisers and cable/sat services) vs. the major networks? Anyway. I hope to post some of the work I’ve been working on. I’m off the my office. Not the office to get some work done.   


November 29, 2007. Random.

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