Renewed Vision = Great Support

I sent an email to renewed vision about my questions from my last post. As it turned out the update to ProVideoPlayer (1.2.5) broke the network module we were using. They sent me a link to download a new version of ProPersenter 3.1.5. This new update has some very cool features in it! DVD playback, built in count down timer, Bible look up and separate library for foreground video clips. But unfortunately it didn’t resolve my network problem. I’ve rolled back to the previous versions of PVP and ProPresenter and everything is working. But I’ve been very impressed with the response and support I’ve gotten from Renewed Vision bother before and after we bought their product.

I also learned what the visual adjustment tab in ProPresenter’s Network Module means. When it is engaged it seems I can control the speed of the clip from PVP global speed adjustment. Very cool. I was hoping I could adjust the hue, saturation, brightness and contrast as well. Maybe in another version.

November 10, 2007. Tech Stuff.


  1. bRaD Weston replied:

    You can adjust color, brightness, and contrast globally with the module, just not on an individual clip basis.

    Thanks for the kind words!

  2. Dave replied:

    I’ve tried it on several clips (HD and SD) and the only adjustment I can get is speed. All the adjustments show up in PVP but only speed is relayed to ProPresenter.

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