Graphic Design 101

I thought I’d share some resources that have really helped me out. It seems like most people who want to start learning design want to dive into Photoshop and learn the software. But before you learn the software it’s important to learn some basics about design. I liken it to the analogy of learning to drive a car (the technical know how) but not learning the traffic laws (artistic what and why).

Anyway the first resource I recommend is The Non-Designer’s Design Book by Robin Williams. Not the comedian! It gives a basic overview of some rules about design.
Catchy acronym huh?

Second book gets more in depth. Design Basics Index by Jim Krause. Great book with great exercises. In fact I’ve enjoyed everything Jim Krause has published.

Third recommendation is actually what I think is the best and most economical way to learn the creative programs I use. And that would be $25 a month gets you access to all their videos covering Adobe and Apples applications for print, web and motion design.

Well for under $50 for 1 month that would get you both books and a month at It would get you a good start at becoming a better designer.


November 5, 2007. Graphic Design.

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