My Naked iPhone

I let my iPhone be a streaker for about a month. I couldn’t decide/ find a case/cover I liked for it. I’ve kept my cell phones in my front left pocket with nothing else in the pocket for years. So I wasn’t worried about it being scratched. I was more concerned about me dropping it as I pulled it from my pocket.

Anyway at one of my 3 trips to the Apple store last week I picked up this case from incase. I was hesitant to get a case because I really like the look of the phone. I was concerned about it sticking in my pocket like my iPod does. I really like using the dock to charge my phone. My fear of dropping the phone one. I really like the look and feel of the iPhone in this case. I gave up using the dock so I don’t remove the case which I read can get loose over time.

I also got a headphone adapter from Monster. I’ve found myself using my iPhone more and more to listen to music instead of my 5G iPod video. So now I can use my Shure e4 headphones. Down side is I have to pull the headphones out to talk on the phone. I was wanting to get the Shure phone adapter. But that would make for a really long headphone cable.


October 24, 2007. Tech Stuff.

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