Funk Town

Some people have sung about wanting to go to Funky Town. While that sounds cool, I’ve been in Funk Town. It has nothing to do with music but just being in a funk.

The start of the school year gets busy for me at work because it is our kickoff season. I had a bunch of design jobs on top of 2 new AV installs and a dozen or so other tech issues to resolve.

It also brought about a change at home. My wife, after staying home for 2.5 years, is returning to teaching. It’s a good move. One that we’ve seen God open up several doors to make it happen.

But through all this I’ve gone through a creative funk. I need to find some time for me to recharge myself creatively. That usually includes a good day or so of solitude time. Going for a mountain bike ride. Spending some time reading and evaluating.

I need to find sometime to unplug for a day and just do it. I have alot of little things to take care of at work and that seems to keep me from taking a day off. But when I’m at work I haven’t the most productive because of this funk. So I’m going to see if I can take either this Thursday or next Thursday off to relax and recharge.

I’m going to start scheduling these days on a regular basis. Especially after a busy season at work. I encourage you if do find time to recharge yourself on a regular basis.



September 14, 2007. Personal Growth.

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