Adobe Creative Suite vs. Final Cut Pro Suite 1

I wrote about 6 weeks ago that I had gotten Adobe’s CS3 Master Collection installed on my MacBook Pro. There were some very interesting features that the Premiere/ Encore/ Soundbooth offers:
-Dynamic Link and shared render caches between Premiere and After Effects
-Encore can output your DVD to Flash. This would be great for outputting content to multiple medias
-Soundtrack’s visual tools for editing sound

But it wasn’t enough to make me switch. Here were a couple of my reasons:
-Premiere/ Soundtrack/ Encore only run on Intel chips. My workstation is still a G5 so I can only use the Adobe apps on my laptop. Which means I have to repatch my workstation when I want to capture of the DVCam deck.
-I have other tools that I can work faster in. I have a good grasp on FCP, DVD SP, Motion. But I also use After Effects and ProTools. With all the jobs I juggle time is very important to me. I just want to know 1 tool to do each job I need to do. So for me the tools I use on a regular basis are: Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, ProTools, Dreamweaver, Final Cut, DVD Studio, After Effects, Compressor and Motion. It may not be the most economical approach but for me it’s the fastest approach.

For a church the master collection is a great bang for the buck. If I wasn’t already proficient in these other tools and/or didn’t have them, I’d focus on learning the Adobe Suite. If I was starting a media ministry from scratch at another church I’d e very happy with a MacPro and the master collection.


August 29, 2007. Uncategorized.

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