AV Upgrade for Spanish Church

Our spanish church has been in a serious need of an audio upgrade. I think we just made the jump from AM radio quality to CD quality. The room can seat around 125 I think, but it has 8 foot drop ceilings. That ceiling height is the biggest challenge.

Here’s what we put in:
– 2 x Bag End TA6000i mains. They are a nice low profile main that is mounted above the edge of the stage with one centered for each seating section. They have a nice clean sound.
– 2 x EAW VRS12 subs. They are double 12 cabs on each side of the stage. Our spanish church likes a lot of low end. These boxes get low and are very punchy.
– Amps are QSC RMX
– Speaker processing is a Driverack PA
– Board is a 24×2 Mackie Onyx
Tascam CD-A500 for playback and a Tascam CC-222MKIII for recording

On the video side:
-A Hitachi CPX 444 projector. It gives us 3200 ANSI lumen
-High Contrast Da-Lite screen
-CPU running Easy Worship

Here’s my thoughts on the system:
-Bag End mains have a nice clean sound. But because of the layout of the room and low ceiling they can be harsh up close but it’s more volume than EQ. I’m hoping to spend some more time tweaking the EQ this week.
-EAW subs are nice in this room. The doubles get nice and low but since they are 12″ drivers they are tight and punchy. Together this system has a very nice sound.
-DBX Driverack PA is OK. We have RANE units in our sanctuary and youth room. I like the flexibility they have, but for class rooms and port rigs I want everything accessible from the front panel like the driverack. I think the auto EQ is a joke. I use it more as a reference but trust my ears. I’m hoping to get SMAART and take a class on it to expand my toolkit for setting up systems.
-I’m not the biggest fans of Mackie boards. I’ve been through my fair share of crappy SR boards. The Onyx is a huge step up from those old boards. Maybe I’m just spoiled from mixing on a Yamaha M7CL in our sanctuary. But the EQ seems to go from not enough cut or boost to too much. For the price and how it’ll be used in this room it’s a good board. I’d rather have an Allen & Heath GB2400 or a Soundcraft GB4 but the budget was tight for this room

Anyway I think this post has gone on long enough. I hope to post some pictures when this job gets finished up.


August 22, 2007. Tech Stuff.

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