Weekend Recap

Here’s a quick recap of the graphics we used this weekend. Both of these were canned as I’ve been working under a deadline for our kickoff material. I should be able to get back into the habit of blogging more.

Saturday Night Jesse Prince talked about “Check the Expiration Date”. He was scheduled at the last minute and used a message he preached and I had prepared last year for a Sunday Service. I like the title slide. The sermon slide is OK and I really don’t like the font I used for the content. I find myself using Myriad Pro for all church communication (bulletin, slides, mailers). My small beginning at a style guide. Plus it’s a swiss army font use full for lots of stuff.

Expiration Title

Expiration Title

Sunday Pastor Bob Kelly preached on “The Reality of Answered Prayer”. The graphics were modified from Vine Resources. I really like the style of their stuff but they don’t update it very often. For canned graphics I like how this one came out. I cheated a little and used a drop shadow on my content to help it pop from the background. I would have liked to use the effect of the title text on the content but it was 3 layers with different blending modes stacked on each other.




July 25, 2007. Graphic Design.

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