Kickoff Challenge Insert

This fall we are making a strategic focus of getting our congregation to re-engage themselves with the church. We are doing this through our “Kickoff Challenge”. It’s also my first attempt at branding a message this big. You can see the video that plays on our digital signage here.

The biggest challenge was getting all the information on a page that easy to read and understand. We’ve asked for this kind of commitment for a few years now. In the past the cards were made by someone else. Those cards were 2 sided and some people never realized there was a back.

The style fits with the Kickoff Challenge identity which is the Rosewood title font and my standard Myriad Pro font for content. I also used paper textures for the background. It ties well into the video.

Kickoff Insert

Over the last year I’ve been learning InDesign. This is a project that would have been a nightmare in Photoshop but really comes together in InDesign. The text engine in InDesign is awesome. It alone makes your text look better. Gives you more control. Allows you to flow text from frame to frame. And gives you tables to list your content in. I know this sounds simple but I started designing in Photoshop which has a basic text engine for blurbs. But when you move to a page layout program you realize the control you have over your design. Not to mention multiple page documents.


July 25, 2007. Graphic Design.

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