Kickoff Challenge Campaign

First let me give you some background. For our church we’ve identified 2 seasons during the year. These seasons are a reflection of our culture but probably applies to most communities in America. Here are our seasons:

– Growth Season (Jan through end of school & start of school through Thanksgiving): During this time we see growth. People are making natural commitments during as New Years resolutions or wanting to start the school year off right. These natural commitments are easily transfered to spiritual commitments. And Easter is the easiest time during the year to invite a visitor to church. We focus on creating processes that will draw people out to church and get them connected to a process. So we have events and classes that start during this time.

– Strategic Season (End of school to start of school and Thanksgiving through Christmas break): As the end of school and the holidays approach people get busy and their commitment level changes. During this time we develop leaders, evaluate what is and is not working and prepare for the next growth season.

In the past we’ve relied on these forms of communication (in order of emphasis):
– Bulletin/ Announcements from pulpit
– Postcards (each event and LFIE group would send out multiple postcards to the entire membership)
– Phone calls
– Digital signage (flat screen through the building and screens in sanctuary)
– e-mails
– webpage

Here are some problems I’ve seen:
– Inconsistency in the quality of our media. Most of the mailers and inserts have been designed by secretaries. For better or worse the quality of our message is judged by the quality of the media it is presented through.
– Inconsistency in branding across multiple media
– Inconsistency in our message across multiple media
– Overwhelming people with mail and inserts. What was once special has become overwhelming to the point that people just ignore it. At times I would get up to 10 pieces of mail a week.
– The amount of mail and it’s cost (material, work hours and postage) is not getting us the return we wanted

This year we are getting more strategic. Everything is being run through me so I am making sure it is consistent in quality of design and “kickoff” branding. Here’s what we are doing:
– Ministry Magazine: We are launching what will hopefully become a quarterly magazine. The magazine will give an overview of everything that is going on.
– Bulletin Insert: to get a commitment from people for kickoff
– Digital Signage to vision cast for kickoff
– Web: Already has the ability for people to sign up for kickoff online. When magazine is finished I hope to put an interactive PDF online as well
– E-mail: moving away from individual list managed by pastors and moving to HTML newsletters. This gives us the ability to not spam people, list management, opt in/out and stat tracking

Hopefully this will enable us to leverage the web and e-mail in our communication strategy. I think it will make our communication more effective and more economical.

Anyway here’s a copy of the bulletin inset. I’m going to finish the digital signage today.
Kickoff Challenge 07 Bulletin Insert


July 6, 2007. Graphic Design.

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