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There has been lots of buzz over the iPhone. Google came up with 167 million hits when I just searched for the iPhone. Well I felt like jumping in and putting in my $.02

I’ve been a mac user when the church bought a video editing suite built around a G4 powermac running os9 and final cut 2.0. I saw the light and persuaded my wife to buy me an iBook for Christmas that year. 95% of my media education has been on a mac. Three laptops later I’m on a MacBook Pro and one workstation later and I use a G5 powermac in the office. Planning on upgrading to a Mac Pro next year.

One thing I’ve always been disappointed with my cell phones/ pdas is how they sync with my macs. My current phone is a Razor. Which I’ve been very happy with. Good style and usability. Good reception and call quality in DFW. My main gripes with it are:
-Most cell phones will let me send sms messages from my mac when the two are paired. Moto has some proprietary interface that they charge developers serious money for.
-Moto breaks my contact into individual contacts for each phone number. So Amy cell, work, home are all individual contacts
-Web access is a joke but I use Google SMS to get most info (sports scores/ weather/ directions).

At first I couldn’t justify an iPhone. For $500-$600 it was just too much. I already have a new 80gb video iPod. I have a psp that i use in spurts. I can’t justify another gadget. When my phone contract was up I was perfectly content getting a blackjack or pearl for around $100 or less.

But the data plans for those phones are around $40/ month. The basic data plan for the iPhone is $20/ month. Over a two year contract the price of the phone + contract is a wash with whatever I get. Instead of discounting the phone, the service is discounted. So unless something else comes out by Christmas I hope to get an iPhone.

After playing with a friend’s iPhone and watching the online videos here are somethings I’d like it to have:
-Sports score widget.
-Keyboard to work when the phone is in landscape/ on it’s side so the keys are are bigger even if I see less text.
-Send MMS messages
-IM but I can forward that to a cell number if I really wanted to.
-I’d like it to work as a bluetooth modem for my laptop if the edge network was faster. My favorite coffee shop is Dunn Brothers in Frisco. They have great coffee and free wifi. But starbucks is closer to my house but I don’t want to pay for wifi there. Flip side is if I’m checking e-mail/ surfing the web I can do that from the iPhone.

We’ll see what comes out either from competitors or when Apple updates the iPhone. Some things can be addressed via software updates. I’ve bought 4 ipods over the years:
-Original 5GB model. Battery died and I replaced it. Ended giving it to my friend Matt Black who interned under me as part of Master’s Commision
-20GB photo that I got through a back to school promotion through Apple.
-A pink iPod mini for the wife who loves it but doesn’t use it as much as I had hoped.
-80 gb video iPod after my 2 year old daughter killed my 20GB ipod photo. She got a hold of it one morning while I was sleeping and it never worked again. Even though there was no physical signs of abuse.

Makes me wonder what the 2nd and 3rd generation iPhones will have over the next few years. I can see the price dropping $100 per model. Apple seems to keep prices for their products at certain points and just gives you more for that price as new models come out.

This post is getting long enough and I need to get some work done.


July 3, 2007. Tech Stuff.

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