Recycling Graphics

Everyone agrees recycling is a good thing. It’s good for the environment. The environment was once a fringe topic which has become mainstream. Ethically and morally I think we should take care of the environment. In fact the next car I get I’d like it to be a hybrid.

But what about graphics and media I create for church. Should these files be content living in the dusty corners of my hard drives. Or worse yet archived to a DVD and put on a shelf somewhere. Only to be forgotten about until the next time I decide to clean up my office?

Some churches (Lifechurch/ Seacoast/ Vine) have made their resources free to other churches. Others sell there’s online. While I haven’t decided to give away or sell our resources. I’m fine with recycling them.

Here are some of my thoughts:
-Some topics come up time and time again
-Some graphics were too good to use for a one time sermon
-Sometimes I hit walls (creative and time) that I need an idea

This weekend I’m reusing a graphic that was designed by a MC Student who worked with me a few years ago. One Matt Black. A very creative guy who I miss working with me. He’s off at Full Sail now becoming a designerslashguru.

All that to say I’m fine with reusing media that was used before. It can help reinforce a brand if it was for an event. When I do reuse graphics I try to mix it up a little. Give it a different color scheme and layout. But not always. Especially when it was used for only 1 weekend 3 years ago.

I feel my thoughts deteriorating. So I will stop now.


June 28, 2007. Graphic Design.

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